Quick Answer: What Is KKM Certified?

What is NPRA?

The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division (NPRA) is an agency under the Ministry of Health Malaysia responsible for registering pharmaceutical products, traditional health supplements and notification of cosmetic products that are marketed in Malaysia..

How can I get FDA approval in Malaysia?

Process for FDA registrationFill out our application form online and send it to us.You can also call us to discuss about the registration process specific to your organization.Our experts will provide complete guidance for you to register with FDA successfully.More items…

Can I import cosmetics to Malaysia?

No person shall manufacture, sell, supply, import or possess any cosmetic unless the cosmetic is a notified cosmetic.

How do I get KKM approval?

You will have to submit documents to NPRA via quest 3 including manufacturing GMP licence etc. After 2-3 days; once your product documents is sufficient; you will get a notification number. What KKM Notification is not is that its not a number that says the product is safe!

How do I check if an item is registered in Malaysia?

Users can check the registration status of a product through the http://npra.moh.gov.my / OR by contacting the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency at 03-78835400. If the product is a registered product, the registration status will be displayed.

What is Mal Malaysia?

MAL refers to “Malaysia” YYMM refers respectively to year and month of registration by the Authority (e.g. 1107: July 2011); $$$$ refers to a serial number for a product being registered (e.g. 0001); @ refers to category of product being registered i.e. A/ X/ N/ T/ H; and.

What is not registration Malaysia?

Cosmetic NOT Registration – FAQ. 1. … This notification process will allow the NPCB to gather adequate information on the cosmetic products that are placed in the local market. It is an offence for anyone to manufacture or import a cosmetic product without prior notification to the DPS. 2.

How do you know if a product is safe?

7 Mobile Apps to Help You Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals & Find Safe, Non-Toxic Alternatives to Bring Into your HomeThink Dirty App. The Think Dirty App is extremely easy to use and one you should have in your arsenal against chemicals. … EWG Healthy Living. … Good Guide. … Non-GMO Shopping Guide. … EWG Food Scores.